Pulverized Limestone

Graymont manufactures a range of pulverized limestone or ground calcium carbonate products (GCC), designed for numerous applications and are available in various packaging formats including bulk, super sacks and bags. Products are utilized across a wide range of industries such as agriculture, stock feed and asphalt manufacture. 

Fine Ground Limestone

Products are graded, screened and tested at various points throughout the manufacturing process to promote consistency. Chemical specifications and product sizing specifications may vary so please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. To ensure quality and consistency, we actively monitor and manage our limestone production throughout all stages including stone selection, processing and packaging. Our pulverized limestone products are outlined in more detail on the pages provided under the Pulverized Limestone menu.

Le saviez-vous ?

Lime is among the oldest and most vital materials used by humans. Most ancient languages have a word for calcium oxide. In Latin it is calx, from which the name of the element calcium is taken.